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Autonomous Car Project

Our client, Leland Harker, wants our team to create an autonomous vehicle that can be entered into the SparkFun Electronics competition in Niwot, Colorado. Our goal is to design and develop an autonomous car utilizing various sensors, algorithms, and design techniques acquired from previous classes. The autonomous car will have to navigate a predefined course consisting of barrels, ramps, a hoop, and a mystery obstacle in a reasonable period of time. Our team will have full control over how to implement this task, including the choice of sensors, technologies, and algorithms used.

Our goals for the first semester are to choose which sensors and hardware to use, as well as design and build an apparatus to hold various hardware components to the top of the car. We will have minimal implementation for every sensor (i.e. able to take readings, calibrated, etc.) and the car will able to utilize its sensors for basic object detection and move in basic patterns.

The second semester will expand upon our efforts from the first. We will use additional contest details to tailor our car to more intelligently navigate the SparkFun course. We will improve our object detection algorithms and test the navigational abilities of our car on a mock course. We will record the results of our vehicle in navigating these mock courses and design a metric to project our chance of success for the competition in June.

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Erik Lee: Team Leader
Tyler Cobb: Web Designer
Mason Waetke: Communications Leader
Kai McNeely: Key Concept Holder
Will Emory: Key Concept Holder


Leland Harker